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After 18 years in the 100% Kona Coffee industry, Nancy and I have decided to close our roasting business. The best part of the entire journey has been the relationships we have developed with our customers and the great messages we have received from folks over the years. We can't fully express our deep gratitude for your business and support. Working with you has been nothing but an absolute pleasure.

We are currently sold out of green bean. We have just enough for our final Coffee Club. If we can get some more, we will update this notice and update the online stock.

Our last day of business will be September 20, 2017.

100% Kona Coffee

So what is so special about Makahiki Farms Kona coffee? First and foremost, it tastes wonderful! This has to do with several important factors.

Ripe Coffee Cherry

The unique climate in the Kona area on the west side of the island of Hawaii makes for excellent coffee-growing conditions. The plants themselves are high quality nursery stock that are started in sterile soil. Warm sun in the mornings and cloudy, damp afternoons are ideal. In addition, the summers are rainy and the winters are relatively dry. These seasonal changes in Kona are great for the flowering and maturation of the coffee cherry.

Our coffee comes from single-estate, small farms that are manually tended. The trees are pampered to create good yields with large beans.

The harvest in Kona is all done by hand. The pickers choose only the ripe red cherry insuring that they get almost none that are under-ripe or over-ripe.

This wonderful climate and attention to detail is evident in the taste that is Makahiki Farms Kona coffee - smooth and flavorful, but not a trace of bitterness.

About Bean Grades

Unroasted Kona Coffee is held to the highest standards of all green gourmet coffee in the world. It is graded according to several factors including bean size, color, shape, moisture content, taste and defect counts. Extra Fancy is the highest grade, with the largest bean and fewest allowed defects and as such is highly prized. The next grade is Fancy, which is slightly smaller, followed by Number 1 and Prime, in decreasing bean size and increasing allowed imperfections.

Peaberry is unique. It is called a "type 2" bean, where for some reason only one bean forms within a coffee cherry instead of the usual two. The bean fills the entire space and ends up rounded and is usually small and dense. This genetic or environmental rarity is highly sought after and occurs in only about 4% of the crop.

Roasted to Order = Always Fresh

Since we don't roast your coffee until we receive your order, your coffee is always fresh. We roast on two days each week, usually Mondays and Thursdays and often ship same-day or the next. The next roasting day is noted at the top of each page on the web site. Shipment depends on the shipping carrier and their respective cut-off times. Coffee Club orders are roasted on or about the 1st or 15th of the month.

Roasted Coffee Fresh from the Roaster

Guide to Roast Levels

Sunshine roast is lighter and with a bit more brightness and some citrus flavors up front. The finish is very smooth and somewhat chocolaty. Roasting terms are not very precise but I would call it an "American" roast. Our usual medium is like a "City" and medium-dark a "Full City", and dark a "Full City Plus" (a bit lighter than a French). Wikipedia has some detailed information on coffee roasting as well. Medium-dark roast is the most popular among our customers but medium and Sunshine roasts are gaining in popularity.

Tips for Purchasing Kona Coffee

There are a couple things you might want to consider when buying Kona coffee. First, make sure it is 100% Kona Coffee. There are many brands of coffee that have the word "Kona" in the name but aren't Kona. There are also many that are a "Kona Coffee Blend". A Kona blend can contain as little as 10% Kona beans or even none. So read the label. Make sure if you want 100% Kona that it really is 100% Kona.

If you are looking at several different brands of Kona coffee and comparing prices, be aware that some packages look to be the same size but some contain only 7 ounces or even 6.5 ounces instead of 8 ounces. We always over fill our bags slightly so you know for sure that there is at least 8 ounces in the bag.

Look for Kona coffee that is fresh. You are paying for a premium gourmet product. You want it to be fresh and not stale. Packages with the one-way valve let the gasses from roasting escape without letting in air that will make it stale quickly. Light is also bad for coffee freshness, we recommend avoiding packages with transparent panels.

8-ounce bags of Kona Coffee